Debris Tarps

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Debris Tarps

Debris Tarps

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All of the following tarps are finished the same way, with webbing "X" diagonally from corner to corner, grab loops in (4) corners and a "+" from side to cisde creating (8) grab loops total.

Please note that ThoroWeave 900 is a wickerweave polypropylene trampoline fabric with larger holes in the mesh to allow faster water drainage.

ThoroWeave 950 is a mono-filament polypropylene fabric resulting is a closed mesh for maximum retention.

ThoroShield 4050  is a completely waterproof and impervious 40 oz/sy polyester rip-stop tire cord reinforced coated vinyl.

Size Part Number Name Price
12' x 12' 65-5-25a ThoroWeave 900 Black $195.00
66-5-25a ThoroWeave 950 Black $195.00
85-5-25a ThoroShield 4050 Black $335.00
12' x 20' 65-5-25 ThoroWeave 900 Black $325.00
66-5-25 ThoroWeave 950 Black $325.00
85-5-25 ThoroShield 4050 Black $555.00
The following products have a double layer of polypropylene mesh fabric which has been determined to more than double the useful life of the tarpaulin.
12' x 12' 65-5-25aX2 ThoroWeave 900 Black $265.00
66-5-25aX2 ThoroWeave 950 Black $265.00
12' x 20' 65-5-25X2 ThoroWeave 900 Black $430.00
66-5-25X2 ThoroWeave 950 Black $430.00

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